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Chris F.

I found Alex Sheedy to be very honest and totally forthcoming with information. I didn't know anything about blacktop and he was patient with all my questions and answered all of them in a very timely manner. The driveway was difficult, they had to grade away from my garage and front door and they absolutely succeeded. My garage is dry as a bone. The final product looks great! I really appreciate Sheedy Paving and would absolutely recommend them to anyone.

Stewart W.

In 2017 the Sheedy's repaved all of the roads in two of my mobile home parks. (Grove City and Delaware, OH) I had the pleasure of working with owners and staff. Across the board, they met or exceeded expectations. They showed up with large crews of people and clean new machinery. They patiently explained the process and communications were exceptional. Through the process we became friends. These are the guys you want when you have to invest in expensive upgrades. They take the process personally and with three generations in the business, it is clear they take the long view on building their reputation.

Danny M.

Over 12 years ago, when we were constructing our Church building, we determined that when hiring a company to put in the parking lot, we wanted a company that came with lots of recommendations and decades of experience. We had heard too many horror stories of parking lots that degraded far too quickly. We chose Sheedy paving because of their reputation for, professionalism, expertise, reliability and ongoing service. From the grading of the property, installation of the original parking lot, striping, and ongoing maintenance, it is clear that we made the right choice. I highly recommend Sheedy Paving for any size project that you are considering.

Amanda B.

Sheedy Paving was hired to do a job in the complex where I reside. They handled all issues during the job with respect and integrity. Rich was a pleasure to deal with and made sure all concerns were addressed during the project. I would highly recommend this company for their excellent work ethic and professionalism in dealing with customers.

Tony L.

Sheedy Paving is first class. Many contractors are full of promise and short on actual follow through. Sheedy was always very responsive and when they said something would be done it was. Very refreshing. I utilized their service for a complete removal and replacement/ expansion of a large driveway. I am very happy with the quality of the product and their workmanship. Highly recommended.